HZP200 series Rotary Tablet Press

HZP200 series Rotary Tablet Press, Product Description
HZP200 series rotary tablet press machine (pill press) is widely used in pharmaceutical industry; it can also be used in food, chemical, electronics and other industries. The highest production capability can reach 300,000 tablets per hour.
This machine can be used to produce round shape or other irregular shape tablets; it is also available to have custom logo on the tablets. HZP200 series rotary tablet press has four specifications, there are HZP235, HZP243, HZP253, HZP257 (four kinds of specifications models of various technological parameters described below) customers can choose suitable models according to different production capability and the different sizes of the tablets..
The parts and components of the four models are based on current world popular standardization, seriation, universalization criteria for designing and manufacturing technology and management, more than 90% parts, components of the structure, size, geometry and so on are the same, to facilitate customer's maintenance and management.
This machine is mainly a host of major components of mechanical and electrical control system ( major parts mechanical and electrical control system the following details ).
This machine mechanical and electrical components high configuration, mechanical components of the use of high strength and high rigidity of the rack body, the main source of Japanese owned company casting products, special processing technical turntable structure, pressure wheel and the main pinch roller structure, lubrication system used in the United States owned Bechl company's products, the main motor is the product of ABB company converter, display, using Siemens products.
Work area with fully enclosed transparent window structure, little dust pollution, good tightness.
Studio and transmission mechanism are completely separated, effectively prevent cross infection. And drug contact parts are made of stainless steel or through a special surface treatment, the pressing room without corners, easy loading and unloading, easy cleaning and maintenance, consistent with a drug production and quality management standards GMP standards.
The machine has a variable frequency speed control, filling and film thickness, average pressure display and overload protection, emergency braking function.
HZP200 series rotary tablet press machine has the following characteristics:
1 the highest pressure, at the same time setting prepressing device, prolongs the duration of compression, more in line with the requirements of the tablet quality.
2 rotary speed is high, double-sided tablet, maximum yield of 300000 per hour, pharmaceutical companies adapt to the requirement of mass production.
3 wheel parts mounted pressure sensor, through the amplifier and the display accurate display tablet average working pressure; at the same time can set the maximum working pressure, when the pressure exceeds the set value, the machine automatically shutdown, plays a role in protection.
4 main pressure, pressure and filling the adjusting part adopts a displacement sensor, through the front 6 handwheel adjustment, can be on screen clearly display the main sheet thickness, the preload piece thickness and filling depth values, facilitate the timely adjustment of tablet thickness and weight.
5 equipment lubrication part adopts electric lubrication pump, metering, automatic lubrication system, the upper and lower guide, roller, punch and turntable hole relative friction movement of the parts supply, and according to the actual work needs in time in touch screen to adjust the lubrication of frequency and time, to get the best lubrication effect, to reduce noise, long service life.
The 6 section control using PLC, operation panel with color touch screen, easy and intuitive. Display screen as the user interface, can display the main technical parameters, average pressure, filling amount, the main pre tablet thickness; setting rotating speed operation parameters, the maximum working pressure lubrication, frequency and time control parameters; can quickly locate fault, display malfunction causes and removal methods, improve the repair efficiency.
The 7 part: the material mechanical parts ( main key parts of the material ):
Copper rail material adopted a military enterprise special casting, improved abrasion resistance.
At the top, turntable, track, track wheel, a wholly-owned enterprises such as main body of Japan with unique Japanese craft casting. Through metallographic analysis, material internal molecular structure split evenly, close, no bubbles, chlamydia and crack, internal pressure of reliable, casting surface roughness, smooth. The spindle adopts special grades of forging pieces, small deformation, steel is good.
8 mechanical parts processing technology:
Copper track, at the top, turntable, rail base, rail seat, main key components are used in precision machine tools ( processing center ) processing, processing size and high precision
9 Roller and the pressing wheel frame structure improvement:
The machine frame structure to change the machine widely used a lever ( or pole type ) form, using column type structure, the utility model has the advantages of stress concentration, pressure is big, noise is little and the advantages of small size.
The 10 turntable structure change:
This machine turntable structure changed the machine widely used in mold is a blind hole structure, split turntable adds a template, so that the original die hole blind hole is a straight hole. Although increased table processing difficulty, but the effect is apparent. The utility model has the advantages of the die hole depth is consistent, die mounted to the turntable in model planar and rotary table surface can be positioned at the same plane, ensure into each mold filling capacity of particles are basically the same, so that the pressure of each of the weight of the product consistency.
11 turbine box adopts circular arc gear turbine pay, it is characteristic of stable operation, low noise, high bearing capacity, small volume.
The 12 lubricating
High speed rotary tablet press of HZP series of lubrication system, using a wholly-owned Usa Inc product excellent sealing performance.
13 electric motors use fully owned company Swiss ABB company QABmZK4A-B, a power of 7.5 kilowatts; the power is high, the operation is stable and reliable.
Studio 14 organic glass surface spraying " orange " stripe alerts the operator while the machine is working normally cannot take the organic glass door open, to ensure the safe operation and prevent dust.
15 appearance after the industrial modeling design, safety tips, humanized design, novel, beautiful and generous.
16 control systems ( electrical components )
In order to improve the system 's reliability and stability of the electrical apparatus elements, the main components are purchasing the world trusted brands such as: PLC, touch screen, such as converter are Siemens brand, switches, circuit breakers and other OMRON products.
HZP200 series Rotary Tablet Press, Technical Parameters

Number of stations
Standard of Punches
Maximum Pressure (KN)
Maximum pre-Pressure (KN)
Maximum Filling Depth (mm)
Maximum Turret Speed (r/min)
Maximum Diameter of tablet (mm)
Maximum Production Capability
Main Motor power (KW)
Without Feed Hopper
With Feed Hopper
Cover Space (mm)
Weight (kg)