CX10 High Efficient Wet Mixer Granulator

CX10 High Efficient Wet Mixer Granulator, Product Description

CX10 High Efficient Wet Mixer Granulator adopts the most common international granulation method. The two processes mixing and granulation are completed in the same container. Powder material is in a fixed conical container, stirring the mixture with the diced knife blade opposite effect in that the power is dispersed collision state of the semi-rolling flow, and achieve full hybrid, with the injection of adhesives, so that power material is mixed gradually.
Granulation knives frequency control can be set according to different parameters for different material to achieve better granulation results.
The main unit provides PLC control system; granulation parameters meet the variety of product specifications.
All stainless steel pot, high precision, knife and pot stirring 1.5mm gap control in order to achieve high quality mixed-effects.

CX10 High Efficient Wet Mixer Granulator, Technical Parameters

Volume: 10L
Production Capacity: 1-3kg/batch
Mixing Motor: 2.2kw
Mixing Speed: 300/600 rpm
Cutting Speed: 1500/3000 rpm
Granulating Motor: 0.4kw
Granulating Rotate Speed: 0-3000 r/min
Dimension 1300*600*1200: mm
Net Weight: 260kg