NJP200/400 Capsule Filling Machine

NJP200/400 Capsule Filling Machine, Product Description
NJP-200/400 Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is used to fill powder, grain, and tablet. It adopts multi-bore dosing, intermittent motion and timing frequency conversion. It is suitable for automatically completing capsule feeding, separating, filling, (waste capsule rejecting), closing, finished product ejecting for powder or tiny pill medicine in capsule. It is designed sophisticatedly by our factory according to the practice on domestic; it is fully accord with GMP standard. It is welcomed by the Medicine Graduate School, hospital, small- scale medicine made factories and clinics upon occupying the market. Meanwhile, this type machine replaced of the semi automatic capsule filling machine and won a good reputation with our reliable quality and reasonable price in domestic and aboard.
Main Features:
It has been improved the inner design turret, and imports beeline bearing for each machine from Japan directly, so that it can be sure a longer usage-life and precision of machine.
The working station cam runs under the good lubrication condition, and maintains the inner lubrication of cam slot to a full extent, increasing the pressure pulverization oil pump, thus extends the operation life of the spare parts.
It is controlled by the computer, has a stepless timing with the frequency-conversion, the numeral showing makes an easy operation and clear appearance.
The multi-bore dosing brings a precision dosage (it is controlled around ±3.5%); the good capsule applicability makes a higher capsule qualified rate (≥99%). It can be filled with the Chinese tradition medicine and Western medicine.
It has protector equipment for the operator and the machine. It has automatic pause equipment when it is lack of the material. It has a steady and safe working. It is the best choice for the hard capsule filling production.
NJP200/400 Capsule Filling Machine
NJP200/400 Capsule Filling Machine, Technical Parameters

Capsule Size
Number of Segment Bores
Maximum Output (capsules/hour)
Power Supply (kw)
Dimension (mm)
Net Weight (kg)