TCCA tablets prduced by tablet press/ pill press machine

TCCA tablets prduced by tablet press/ pill press machine, Product Description
TCCA tablets, full name is Trichloroisocyanuric Acid Tablet, as well as known as Strong Chlorine, similar products: dichlorobenzene tablets, detergent tablet, disinfector tablet, chlorine tablet, disinfectant tablet, SDIC tablet, disinfection tablet. It is highly corrosive and has a good effect on sterilization and bleach, which is the most popular disinfectant tablet in international market for its efficient, low toxicity and rapid disinfectant effects.
Specifications: 500g, 450g, 350g,300g,, 250g , 200g,110g-100g,70g, 50g-0.5g.
Shapes are usually round, but also in other shapes, such as, round with a hold in the middle, column-shaped, and so on.
They are widely used in disinfection for swimming pool and drinking water, industrial water treatment, food processing, food hygiene industry, aquaculture industry, daily chemical industry and other industries.
Our tablet press machines are specifically designed for TCCA tablets production. Our machine uses the material which is in excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust function, such as the SS316 or other high level stainless material, Titanium material and other materials to manufacture. As well as known as "space metal", Titanium material has stable character of anti-corrosion and anti-rust and widely applied in aerospace and navigation industries. About our tablet press machines, the parts of machine that connect with TCCA power are made of Titanium material, such as the machine moulds, feeder and so on. The out cover of our tablet press machine is made of SS316 or other high level stainless material and also painted by anti-corrosion paint. In this way, the vulnerability rate of TCCA tablet press machine decreases largely and greatly extent the machine life.
You can find some pictures of TCCA tablets here, and please feel free to contact us if you want to produce TCCA tablets with tablet press machines.
We will always offer you the most suitable machines with reasonable prices.
CX17D Rotary Tablet Press & THP single punch tablet press can be used to produce TCCA tablets/isinfectant tablet.

TCCA tablets prduced by tablet press/ pill press machine, Technical Parameters