Vacuum Feeder

Vacuum Feeder, Product Description
Vacuum powder feeder is used to feed powder or granuls into tablet pres machine (pill press).
1.        Completely solve the problem of delamination particle
2.        Titanium metal filter, never wear or jam.
3.        Removing material electrostatic.
4.        Closed, no leakage, no pollution.
5.        Made of high-quality stainless steel (304 &316) and non-toxic, corrosion resistant material
6.        Filter cleaning
7.        Intelligent control, high degree of automation.
Building block type structure, easy disassembly, easy cleaning.
Light weight, small size, easy to install.
Low noise, no vibration.
Energy saving, low operation cost.
Technical Specifications:
Capability (kg/h): 20-500
Air pressure (Mpa): 0.55-0.6
Air consume (N.L./S): 6
Noise (dBA): 60-65
Dimensions (mm): 250*550*350
Weight (kg): 12
Vacuum Feeder
Vacuum Feeder, Technical Parameters