CX230 Tablet Deduster

CX230 Tablet Deduster, Product Description
CX230 Uphill Deduster is a new product with many new designs, to allow and ensure a better and safer production. It is able to act as both elevating and dedusting machine, which made it a usual combination with other tablet press machine and metal detection machine, and also made it extremely applicable in the field of pharmacy, chemical engineering, electronics and food.
Its advantages includes long dedusting path, automatic tablet polish on all sides, and high quality dedusting without damage to the tablet itself. In addition, it can act as delivering device for any shape of tablet that needs to be dedusted. Best of all, it correspond with GMP standard. The machine body, cover adopts modular design, easy to adjust export height, the quick assembling connection structure, make the machine more efficient disassembly, installation, also cleaning without dead angle of entrance and exit. The machine can do a 360 degree circumference adjustment, convenient production, save space outstanding production efficiency, can satisfy diameter 3-35mm shape tablets in the large scale production. The dew driving device design, so as to make the machine more smoothly with low noise.

CX230 tablet deduste

CX230 Tablet Deduster, Technical Parameters
Maximum production capability(tablets per hour)
800000(Φ6 tablet)
Dedust route (m)
Maximum lift height (mm)
Maximum tablet diameter(mm)
Power supply
1P 220/110V 50-60Hz
Dimension (mm)
550*550*(H: 1350-1500)
Weight (kg)
Compressed air
0.1M3/min 0.05Mpa